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July 3rd, 2007, 09:00
Okay, god bless custom firmware.
Well, I think satan cursed it when he found out god was protecting me.
So heres how everything is...
I had a 3.03 OE A.
Upped to 3.30 OE A
and finally to 3.40 OE A
I was using Deniska's MapThis
(Please check this deniska cause I think your software might have screwed me a little bit)
I started getting frequent crashes on MapThis cause the cpu speed was set to default 111mhz on startup, causing slow loading and Software bricking.
Then I would just hold the power button.
And on 3.40 OE A, this resets all the recovery menu options like load isofs drivers from umd and fake region on, and these don't allow ISO/CSO games to run normally when on.
So I would reset them to disabled.
Then I started losing Recovery Menu Functionality.
Every option BUT the Configurations menu works.
This is an example of what my problem is: (I did not make this video though, props to who did)
Also I have recovered to 1.5 via the recovery menu.
I tried to upgrade to 3.03OE A from there and everything goes ok untill the reboot.
The recovery menu works for 3.03OE A but the startup doesn't show anything
I con the term BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH!!!

Im wondering if this has something to do with the flash drives. I am aware that there is a flash1 fomatter|Flasher but to my knowledge, the recovery menu and options are stored on flash0.

Help would be much appreciated, especially if you have a cute 12 yearold sister with a really bad temper.
And btw, to all the coders out there, you've done some pretty amazing work =) )

Thanks in advance people. ^_^

July 4th, 2007, 03:48
Just to clarify thing a bit:
- MapThis! does not read/write to flash memory (you can take my word or examine the source code, which comes with any major version release), so it cannot brick PSP.
- in theory, due to it's high memory consumption, it may interfere with the work of some FW plugins. This is why users are encouraged to disable plugins while using it...

-I would start by checking if your memory stick is corrupted (You may a card reader for this) and recovering the data..

-if you still have access to recovery menu - try to disable all plugins that you have (chances are they are the ones causing problems)

BTW, mapthis! always defaults to 333Mhz on startup...

July 4th, 2007, 13:55
To re-clarify, my flash1 was corrupted. =)
Its all good, Im still using MapThis!
Im so happy it wasn't the software cause I like using it. heh
Thanks for the reassurance!