View Full Version : Strmnnrmn Might Add Bios File To R13

July 3rd, 2007, 17:31
NOTE: This was from qj

StrmnNrmn sent us an email recently that really got us thinking about how far Daedalus has come from its humble beginnings more than a year ago. Not only does he give us some prime information about the direction of Daedalus, but he also mentions just how long it might take him to actually get everything running properly.

Here's the important information he tipped us off to, which you guys might be interested in knowing. He writes, "R13 might actually use Bios files now. I figured this might take 3 more years to develop to run almost perfect, so I will use Bios files to help me on my Daedalus PSP Project."

Three years folks. That's a lot of dedication from the StrmnNrmn, and we're certainly glad to have him around. To all the folks out there who are fans of his work, you may want to send some love his way because the way of the homebrew developer is long and tiring.

In any case, his email leads us to believe that a formal update on Daedalus R13's status is incoming, so you may want to check out his website periodically. In the meantime, you guys may want to try out Daedalus R12, the current build of his N64 emulation program.

On The Rise
July 3rd, 2007, 18:22
Theres already an active thread for this news