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July 4th, 2007, 19:23
Hi ppl, I've been searching forums and topics for days and I cant find a simple answer:

Can I run PS2 games from my PC DVD Drive, using a crossover cable and some application?

I have this PS2 slim and I found out about InLink, Pukklink and nPort, which made my life simple when backing up game saves.

Now I have this great network station, my PS2 is open and waiting for more, I'm dying to try all .elfs I find, jutst to take advantage of this crossover cable I just bought.

BUT, all forums everywhere do only talk about HDLoader and PS2 HDD for the big brick OLD PS2. :mad:

My PS2 does already come with a Network Adapter, and has no slot for HDD.

How can I, connected the PC to the PS2, can place PS2 DVDs on the PC, and play them on the PS2? Is there a way? :confused:
I do not want to damage my PS2 optical reader anymore.

Thanks in advance guys! :thumbup:

July 4th, 2007, 19:53
I'm not quite sure on how to do what you're talking about, but there IS an HD option for the slimline PS2.

You need to get a USB-based HDD (A flash drive won't work, as it needs to be formatted in NTFS, and most flash drives don't support that.), then it's a simple matter of finding the USB version of HDLoader. I think it's called 'USB Advance' or something like that.

Anonymous D
July 4th, 2007, 20:44

thats how to get a hd connected to a slim ps2 might help you.


thats what the guy above me was talking about i think.... hope that helps

July 4th, 2007, 23:43
Oh, thanks for the help, you've surely given me some nice ideas.

But, what I was talking about is like this: I connect the PS2 and the PC, and run the PS2 with some server (I use pukklink).
Then I open an ISO image on my PC and emulate it ON MY PS2.

I mean, all data will be at the PC's HD, and during gameplay, everything is to be loaded trought the network cable. Without need of a HDD for PS2 or a HDD-USB cable or HDD external enclosure.

Emulate roms on the PC and play the in real-time at the PS2.

I'm not sure if the connection would be much slow, due to the cable transfer...

I wonder if I made myself clear now...

April 13th, 2008, 05:11
It was leaked some time ago that there was someway of getting your PC to store PS2 games usually leaving them as ISOS I would imagine and running them real time on the PS2 console via the network connector.

This was going to be known as PS2 Super-Bender.

It was only the nfo about the SuperBender that was leaked no one at the time was prepared to leak the package though.

I am presuming if it wasn't a hoax it may in the future be leaked.

Good look with getting someone to leak this package but knowing it was called super bender I would doubt you would wan't to ask to many people if they have heard of something for the ps2 called "super bender", you would get some strange looks no doubt.