View Full Version : PSP wont switch on

Postal Dude
July 12th, 2007, 04:39
All of a suddent my psp wont turn on. The orange light comes on for a while with charger in so i think the batt is full. WHen i toggle the switch i get no green light, absolutly no response from the psp at all. I have ordered a new power switch for it and am gonna try to see if that works. Has anyone else got any suggestions. Im running 3.40 OE. Not done anything to flash 0/1 that could cause it not to work like this. Cheers

July 12th, 2007, 05:32
Sounds like a brick. Try pressing the brightness button.

July 12th, 2007, 05:49
brick. lol
no its not
maybe something loose on the power board switch or mabe the strip is waisted , check and make sure everything is pluged correctly...

July 12th, 2007, 17:02
sounds like a battery problem if you didnt mess with flash.

July 12th, 2007, 18:42
I think he died.

Postal Dude
July 12th, 2007, 18:57
So if i replace the power switch and it still dont work. Whats the next step? How can it be a brick? And why is everyone saying it probably is. For it to be bricked the power has to at least come on for the psp to kno its sys files are messed up. As it stands, the green light doesnt even come on. With the battery out and psp just plugged into the mains i dont get a green light either, So battery is partly ruled out

July 12th, 2007, 20:09
Try pressing the brightness button.

Postal Dude
July 13th, 2007, 06:51
Why Would the brightness button have anythin to do with the green light not comin on?

July 13th, 2007, 07:07
Just do it, it has to do with ta-82 motherboards n such. But besides that, I'd act on your warranty if you have one because it really does sound like a brick unless you can get into the recovery menu by holding down the r button while cold booting.

Postal Dude
July 13th, 2007, 09:26
Pushed the button and nothin happened still.

Can people please read my posts.

With a bricked PSP the power light would come on, if even for a second. At which point the ruined firmware would cause an automatic shut down. Being as the power isnt even coming on. There is something different wrong, possibly aswell as the firmware. But definatly something else.

Just as with a bad flash on a PC BIOS, the power still comes on, it just doesnt POST and you get no activity. A bad BIOS or Firmware flash will not stop the power coming on. The PSP doesnt know the firmware is messed up unless it actually powers up to access it

July 13th, 2007, 09:29
It could've been a faulty led. I was trying to be optimistic. Take it back. It's a faulty psp, what can they do?

Postal Dude
July 13th, 2007, 09:32
I got it from a GameStation store. I think my 3 month warranty is up now. but i will check my reciept. Hope i can find it lol. Iv ordered a replacement power switch. But installing it will ruin my warranty... arrgghh the dilema

July 13th, 2007, 09:39
Try and take it back, if they don't accept, install the switch.

Postal Dude
July 13th, 2007, 10:39
called them already they say they'll be happy to swap one with me if theyve got one thats a similar spec to the one i got from them. I just hope its not no 3.51 thing. A second hand one will suit me fine so long as it works!

July 13th, 2007, 10:53
The most it will probably be is 3.11.