View Full Version : Emulator help

July 14th, 2007, 23:58
Ok, I recently got myself on to 3.02 OE-B to try out some homebrews and I just tried adding DGEN and Snes9X, I've put my emulators in both PSP/GAME and PSP/GAME150 but each time it doesn't recognise the eboot and displays it as corrupted data. Anyone know where I'm going wrong?

Safari Al
July 15th, 2007, 03:40
Do you have 2 folders one with a % and one without it?

July 15th, 2007, 08:59
Aha! Thanks mate, lol I'm such a n00b at this stuff! Just a quick question, saves me making another thread if someone can help. I'm having a few speed issues witha couple of games on snes9x_tyl (ver 0.4 I think), anyone know how I can fix that (or could atleast direct me to a thread)? :)

Thanks again for help!