View Full Version : Wha is and how to use SMB share on gamecube?

July 15th, 2007, 03:00
From the snex9xGX 2.0.1b7 readme file:

snes9xGx201b7-smb.dol SMB share (see SMB section below)
SMB section just shows a TBD :(
A quick google search makes me think SMB is somewhat of share protocol, like FTP, wich lets me get thing from the GC. But google shows tons of xbox articles regarding SMB.
How can i get it running on my console?

My setup is:
DOL-101 Gamecube with qoob SX 1.3c;
BBA working fine in my Intel 10/100 eth card, i can stream dols to it and surf the web;
WindowsXP SP2, 384MB DDR RAM, Siemens Speedstream 5200 E240 modem, 8 ports high speed hub.

I would like to run snes9xGX trough my BBA connection.

Thanks in advance.

PS: This "SMB share" means "that" Samba server in linux?