View Full Version : Snes 2 NDS inserter???

July 20th, 2007, 10:16
hey i got this nes emulator for my r4ds a few weeks ago i dont remember what it is called but it has the best system ever you get a nes rom and you have this nds file and you have the inserter you use the inserter to put the nes rom info into a nds format thing and it works like a nds game its really cool but theres also alot of games for the snes and i was wondering if there was a system like that but fro snes roms. or can i sue the same thing?


the emu is called nesterDS!! if that helps

July 20th, 2007, 18:47
NesterDS works, but NES DS is highly recommended over it. You don't need to use frameskip, sound is pretty good, and you get many more options. Not to mention that you can save your progress.

To run NES DS, download it from http://www.cs.utah.edu/~tew/nesDS/ first. Then patch it with the DLDI file for your specific device so that it can talk with your filesystem. The recommended method of doing this is to download and install DLDIrc. After installing it, right-click nesDS.nds and select the new patching option that appears. Copy it over to your card along with the plain *.nes files you wish to play. Load it up and select your game. Tap the touchscreen to open the menu.

For SNES, while it is possible to inject SNES games into a *.nds file using SNES DS, the recommended emulator is SNEmulDS. Download it from http://snemul.com/ds and again, patch with DLDI. Copy it over to your card along with the *.smc files you wish to play, keeping in mind that compatibility isn't all that great yet. Launch it and select the game to play.