View Full Version : Trouble getting LemmingsDS 7.4 to run on the G6DS

July 22nd, 2007, 04:06
I've run into some difficulties and I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion.

I've loaded the .nds file to my root directory, along with the Lemmings DS directory folder. The program patches (via G6DS firmware upgrade v.2.2), loads all the levels, displays the titlescreen and... nothing.

Apart from the little banner scrolling away at the bottom, the application is motionless. Hitting buttons fails to work, tapping the screen fails to work. From this point on, nothing occurs.

Things to note:

I have experimented with the position of LemmingsDS.nds. TouchPod will not patch the program unless it is in the root directory.
I have followed the instructions of the config.txt file and have replaced the line within it, /Lemmings DS Directory, with a blank space. This causes the program not to run.

Has anyone run into this, and have any pointers? Much obliged.