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July 23rd, 2007, 18:58
Hey there, I'm new here and all, but I recently purchased Datel's Games N' Music, and I see it does not play commercial roms. I was wondering if anyone knew of any way I could play commercial roms, or of a patcher that could make the commercial roms work.
(Making them seem like non commercial or something.)

Please help me

July 23rd, 2007, 19:09
You are in the wrong forums for that sort of discussion, not that I care, but you will find yourself banned.

...anyhow, in answer to your question, no the Games N Music has not been hacked yet. Only the GBAMP v2 and the Media Dock.

July 23rd, 2007, 19:12
Okay thanks bro, I don't really know where to post stuff yet :/
Well, I cant wait till someone does figure out to hack it

it will be a happy day.