View Full Version : wifi, connection & phones on ps3

August 2nd, 2007, 12:38
Hey guys, been trawling throught the endless ps3 forums when i noticed you guys actually seem pretty helpful. so, if anyone could help with the following i would be very grateful

1.I steal wifi from a neighbour on my laptop but my ps3 wont pick the connection up. some 1 mentioned you need to configure from the pc's end. is there any truth in this? i thought wifi was just connect and go?

2.secondly, realising i cant steal from neighbours all my life ive been looking at the free 2mb pack from sky broadband. wud go for full speeds but contract is a year and I am renting a room at a friends for 6months. is this going to be suitable to play games online?

3.and lastly - why when i connect my k800 to the usb can i not copy all my pics and vids from the phone? isnt next gen all about convergence?