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August 6th, 2007, 01:03
Post the last 360 game you bought here and what you think of it

I got the darkness last week (the asia version, region free, cheap of play-asia). Its pretty good and there is the odd bug with the side quests, but its fun. Can be annoying having to shoot out the lights every time (to use your Darkness powers) but you can get a minion that will do that for you (mostly). I heard it short, and I think I'm near the end. but still not bad for the prize.

The multiplayer is fun, but its no halo ( or even gears), good for a we bash.

August 6th, 2007, 01:15
Forza 2

August 6th, 2007, 01:37
Hi dude

Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Double Agent

It is a great game, i actually bought it, because my mate told me he got it, and it was brilliant, so i waited a couple of weeks until it had gone to half price, and then i bought it??? ha ha ha ? it is pretty addictive, but not as addicted as my beloved DOA4 :-)

btw i played the demo of Darkness, very impressive? i agree with you about having to shoot out the lights :-( never mind? dude

August 6th, 2007, 06:13
Guitar Hero II

Come on, do I even need to say what I think of it.
Its one of the funnest games ever!!!

beetroot bertie
August 6th, 2007, 12:47
Just bought Top Spin 2, but waiting for it to arrive in post.

I think it's supposed to be half decent and the demo was OK, but got it really because it was cheap (11.99 on dvd.co.uk if anyone else is interested) and I think it will good to play with friends. Doubles online could be good.

August 6th, 2007, 13:51
I just bought Rainbow Six : Vegas last week. I love that game. Screw the single player, just play on xbox live. It reminds me of counterstrike back in the day but with respawns (you can turn them off) I wish people played more than the casino map though. Xbox marketplace has an addon pack for vegas, 700mb download, for free. Looks like I'm gonna have to get a hard drive for my 360 now :\

August 7th, 2007, 19:43
I bought Amped 3 about 3 months ago. It is okay but it soon got a bit boring, mainly because my friend who also has this game hasn't got any scores on the online leaderboard so I have nothing to compete against.

I don't expect to buy any more 360 games any time soon as nothing has caught my eye at all. I bought Oblivion with the machine when I got it and it is still by far the best game I have and the only one I really play.

August 12th, 2007, 00:05
Darkness/Shadowrun, and excellent combo

August 12th, 2007, 00:18
Rainbow Six Vegas. I bought Shadowrun for comp and used the XP patch....

But thats all gonna change as of August 21st (I think)

BioShock = HEL*Z YEAH!

August 12th, 2007, 00:52
i think it was table tennis lol, a few weeks before my 360 got sent off.

i'm buying TDU soon, since i can get the mmocarpg sort of thing now!

then bioshock.

August 12th, 2007, 01:22
Whats TDU again?

Ive been tring to find a good MMORPG. Phantasy Star Universe is horrid, so Ive been playing PSO on computer....

beetroot bertie
August 12th, 2007, 22:13
Might be wrong but I'd guess it's Test Drive Unlimited.

My Top Spin 2 arrived end of last week and I've had chance to have a little play. So far so good, very enjoyable. I spend the first hour or so putting the ball wide a lot but once you gauge how much stick to put on it as your timing your shots it become much more fun. I'd say it's on an equal footing to Virtua Tennis. It does copy a few ideas with the games etc but my initial views are very favourable. Easily worth 12 squid.

August 14th, 2007, 17:30
crackdown was the last game i bought, very good fun.

August 14th, 2007, 18:01
ninety-nine nights was the last game i bought, for 30 dollars, its an okay game, its the same concept run over and over for each character, cool combos are good though, but all in all its not worth 30 dollars, maybe 20 or 10, its one of those games that should be in the bargain bin.

August 14th, 2007, 22:00
i heard it was like dynasty warriors, but slightly less shite. i'm thinking of getting flatout, tdu, or maybe splinter cell DA tomorrow. what should i get?