View Full Version : usbhostfs Help - "PSP Type B" isn't found

August 6th, 2007, 03:33
Hey guys, I'm using IR Shell v3.6 and trying to install the necessary drivers for usbhostfs to work, but instead of my computer finding "PSP Type B" it finds "USB Device" and it can't locate the drivers when I choose to install them. Is there a way to solve this problem?

August 6th, 2007, 04:53
Are you activating usb host from ir shell.

August 6th, 2007, 07:35
The PSP Type B isn't plug and play. You need to download the drivers from the internet and install it manually.

August 7th, 2007, 10:02
I had the same problem, you have a TA-082 PSP right? Your Idstorage is corrupt, so it will only show a USB device.

Run this: