View Full Version : soft-moding an xbox with splinter cell?

August 7th, 2007, 22:12
hey everyone! im a moderator over on a wii website and we too have a semi small sub forum for xbox/x360 chat discussion. however its just not big enough and advance like this site would be in getting the answers im looking for.

basically, i have an original xbox that i found in my boyfriends garage. i was told by a fellow moderator to purchase the first splinter cell (not the platinum edition- found it for 1.99$ at gamestop) and to buy the xbox to USB cable (ebay 10$)

so what i want to know is how to do all this? now that i have the accessories and the games/hardware, where do i begin? does anyone know how to fully do the soft mod using this game? if so how long does it take? i was told its fairly simple.

IMO i am a "nerd" and know how to solder but id rather not take appart things like an xbox incase i really damage it and cant fix it :(

thanks guys for the help!


August 7th, 2007, 22:33

You want to use Krayzie Ndure 1.1 the process is pretty straight forward but you are going to need to get the files from Xbins, an xbox irc channel, due to the fact that it contaings copyrighted material. The install process is pretty straight forward and should be included if you download it.