View Full Version : Need some help, looked everywhere, saving game state in SNESGX

August 10th, 2007, 19:11
I've searched, posted, experimented and got frustrated. Dunno if this is the best place to post this, but I really need help.

I've been trying to save my games on the SNES GX that came on the Wiikey setup disc. It's like 1.4.3 something. Read that I needed an SD Gecko Card. Ordered one online. Put it in, still couldn't save. Found that there are newer version of the emulator out there. So I went and downloaded the Wii-GC-EMU-MPlayer-Config_bootdisc over at psx-scene. Still can't save. Using version 2.01b8

I've tried putting it in the SD slot, in the Gecko card in both GC memory card slots and always get the message that it can't mount, access, or didn't save on the card.

When I load games from my SD card with the 1.4.3 it loads them all. But still can't save. When I load games from the SD card in 2.01b8 it will only load a few games like the simpsons and terminator.

What am I doing wrong? :confused: