View Full Version : IDstorage help?

August 10th, 2007, 21:17
My psp wont read UMD's and it wont update my clock using the internet.... I heard that this can be fixed by fixing my keys, but when I use key cleaner it says they're fine but it clearly says when I start it up that some are missing???

Amy help please!

BTW I'm on 3.52 M33 so if i need to go back to an OE firmware or something just tell me

Here us what key cleaner says

0x0004... origional key - okay
0x0005... origional key - okay
0x0006... origional key - okay
0x0008... no key (code 0x80000025)
0x0041... origional key - okay
0x0042... cleared key - okay
0x0043... origional key - okay
0x0045... origional key - okay
0x0046... cleared key - okay
0x0047... no key (code 0x80000025)
PSP is a TA-079/81
Key State: Origional TA-079

A few weeks ago I had to use my brothers keys inorder to get remote joy to work and it said that my keystate was something like: KeyCleaner Fixed. But since I updated to M33 firmware it dosent say that any more (yes i did put update #2). I also found this forum http://lan.sh/showthread.php?p=7089 which the person had the same exact problem. thanks in advance.