View Full Version : BioShock scores 10/10 before Release

August 12th, 2007, 00:28
While watching the first demo trailer for Bioshock at IGN.com, I first learned about what IRRATIONAL games was working toward with the release of Bioshock:

"To redefine the genre of first-person shooters."

The first thing I though was "yeah right, like any one game could ever do that."

To my shock (pun intended) I learned that Bioshock got a perfect score from OXM, as well as many other gamers magazines and sites at its release.

Now I wonder if IRRATIONAL games really has a fighting chance, seeing as it is not only nearly impossible for a game in this day and age to score even a 9.7, much less a FULL TEN OUT OF TEN! Not only that, but the fact that Bioshock will not only acheive this score, but without even having a single multiplayer option, will no doubt make this game a classic, now and for time to come.


August 12th, 2007, 00:49
looks awesome!