View Full Version : XCM 1080p VGA Box - Wii Issue - Any Help?

August 20th, 2007, 02:16
I recently purchased an XCM 1080p VGA box to use my Wii running on my PC CRT monitor and standard speakers, and can't get it to produce an image or sound. I've seen other people get this particular box up and running, such as this reviewer:


Setup: I have the XCM 1080p box, and have connected my Wii trying two different component cables to the XCM, which is then connected to my CRT 19" monitor (which supports 480p for other content) and my speakers. The XCM is powered and the connections are correct, with the slider set to 480p, and passthrough is turned off.

Problem: After powering the Wii, I get no image or sound, though the Wii light is green and the XCM light is on. The Wii has previously been used only on a standard 480i video TV, but has been tested and works.

Things I've tried: Beyond this, I've tried playing with the sliders and resetting my Wii, to no success. My only thought was that maybe I need to somehow change the Wii settings to 480p while it is hooked up to a 480i screen. I don't have access to a TV anymore to test this...

So, my question: Can anyone help me out? Can someone who's used the box confirm for me whether I need the Wii to be changed to 480p before I will be able to get an image on my monitor?

I would just like a little help to figure out whether I have a bad XCM box or what's up.

Thanks everyone!