View Full Version : What version of PSP is out RIGHT NOW?

Mirth Prolan
June 25th, 2005, 07:11
I asked for a PSP for my birthday which is this Tuesday but I'm wondering what version of the PSP is out currently? I want to be able to use emulators like SNES9X, and all that but I keep hearing about this exploit you have to do that could corrupt your Memory Card and your PSP itself if it isn't done correctly.

Of course I don't want to ruin my shiny new PSP so if you could tell me what version I'm likely to be getting that would be a lot of help. I'll be buying a 1 GB memory card as well and hell if I'm ruining that as well. =/

Anyways if I knew what version was out right now I'd be able to know what I'll have to wait for in able to successfully use home-brew software.

Thanks a lot!


June 25th, 2005, 07:52
1.50 is out right now, no reports of anything newer being sold in the US.

June 25th, 2005, 20:37
I bought mine yesterday from EB - 1.50. :p

Mirth Prolan
June 26th, 2005, 05:05
Thanks a lot guys. I got mine today. =)