View Full Version : having problems with m3 simply and accessing mirco sd

August 22nd, 2007, 01:06
I just got a m3 simply and a micro sd. I put the firmware files on the m3 simply along with a few hombrew apps the m3 booted up but would go to a white screen whenever i went to run an app. i put the micro sd back into the computer and i could see the stuff on it and access it.... however i could not delete anything nor add anything, nor even rename files. I tried reformatting the card but ended up just crapping it out and now it is totally corrupt.

i got a new card and had the same problem. this time i didnt reformat it. I can still see the stuff on the card just not do anything with it except for open .txt and pics.

I would blame the whole problem on my card reader(the one that came with the m3 simply) however it worked well(or at least i thought it did) until after i put it into the m3 simply booted it up then tried to check it.

has anyone had similar problems? could it just be a bad card reader corrupting the cards? any insight would be helpful.

PS: i tried using the card with a sd adapter in my regular card reader after the micro card reader didnt work however the normal reader could not read it.

Also i do not believe the corrupt card is due to incorrectly ejecting it as i read that doing that could corrupt micro sd cards so i was very careful with ejecting it from my pc as well as shutting my ds off before ejecting it.