View Full Version : Working fMSX v.061 w/ Metal Gear

June 27th, 2005, 05:46
First download the roms and the bios roms before beginning.
Games can go in the fMSX/ folder and the necessary bios files (in this case MSX2.ROM) goes in fMSX/BIOS/
Be sure to drop the keyboard.zip file in the fMSX directory as well you will need it.

Now in the emulator menu select the column that reads MSX TYPE: and select MSX 2 - this lets the emulator know what sort of MSX game it will be playing i believe.

Next select the column that reads ROM 1: and browse for your Game, Metal Gear
Next select the column that reads ROM 2: and browse for your Bios, MSX2.ROM

Be sure to setup your keyboard.bmp file so you know where the keys are located. Go to the Config option at the top of the menu and select it, now scroll down to a column that reads WallPaper Keyboard 90: and select it in order to browse for your keyboard image located in the keyboard.zip

now select Power to start

That should be it and the emulator should be ready to go. This is my first time running it so I dont know how to do anything else, but these are the steps I followed, and Metal Gear was well worth it. ;)