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June 27th, 2005, 06:26
In this tutorial Ill teach you how to run applications on your 1.5 software.

First off you neet a copy of kxploit which can be found here.
jandy88.home.comcast.net its right under the welcome
just copy and paste it into your search bar.

what you get is a rar file you will need a program to unzip them. I use picozip. to get it just type that into google and then it is the first link. It is a free 30 day demo. extract the files and find the install file for the program and install it.

now you need to hook up your psp to your computer and initialize a usb connection by going to settings and then usb connection.

run the program. If you dont know how to read spanish then you could have a hard time using this program. that is unless you can change the language. go up to the menu bar in the program and click on the second word then under it there should be english. click on it and viola everything is in english.

Under name put in whatever you want the name of the game to be.

then you will need to find the eboot file for the program. the eboot file is a file that you get with any application for the psp. locate it by using the button that has 3 periods on it "..." it is to the right of the pbp bar.

in the next bar you will locate your psp. press refresh and then you should be able to find it. for me it is the "f" drive but it may be different for you.

then go to generate files. wait a couple of seconds and a popup will appear. dont worry what it says just click ok.

now exit out of every thing and get back onto your psp. go to game and then go to memory card. you will see two files one will be corrupt and the onther will be an executable program. dont delete the corrupted file though.

if you want to install an emulator just follow the steps above and then put your rom files somewhere on the psp memory card. when you execute the emulator you will beable to browse through the whole psp memory card and find the files.

if you do use this tutorial then please tell me if it was useful. if you have any questions then post um here and ill answer them

June 27th, 2005, 15:24
Well, I did everything as stated for the eboot directory, but when I go into my PSP afterwards... only the corrupt file is there, no executable file :( What's up with that? I thought I did everything right... The only thing I didn't do was name the file to whatever I wanted the game to be. I saw no option to allow this :eek:

Oh.. you know what, I'm stupid. The problem is probably because I don't even have Homebrew 1.5 installed yet... I guess I'll work on that first...

June 27th, 2005, 16:00
hey you know what my bad sorry that is the wrong file. here's the file link that should work. its at jandy88.home.comcast.net that should work then go right under welcome and it should be right there