View Full Version : Just downgraded to 1.50

August 28th, 2007, 13:42
I just downgraded my PSP from 3.03 to 1.5 and amd trying to get a SNES emulator and NES emulator to work on it is there are form that tells me how to do this or could someone help.

November 11th, 2007, 22:07
Put it (the emulator and its files and folders) in GAME,
(ie. memorystick -
- PSP -
- GAME -
- [name of emulator] -
- ROMS -

Johnny Rash
November 11th, 2007, 22:57
Make sure the games are kxploited before running them on 1.5.

Or use to patcher to run 1.0 non-kxploited applications.

Or do yourself a favor and update to a custom firmware to run all of those.
I recommend 3.52 M33-4.