View Full Version : Pandora's Battery Im trying to backup the damn thing but i get an error

August 28th, 2007, 21:52
ok so i did pandoras batttery for the heck of it

i used the pandora gui and everything went fine, i backed EVERYTHING yes the nand and the eeprom of my battery (BEFORE I TURNED IT INTO A PANDORA)


the pandora battery went fine, i downgraded to 1.5 then upgraded to custom firm m33 then restored my ipl and nand with 100% success

when it came to my dang battery i tried to back it up with the eeprom.bin and it gave me this stupid error over and over again

cannot write at 0x14


so its straight and simple whats the problen here

and if i cant fix it then what will the 12345678 serial do to mess up my battery with the psp

just for diagonistics if anyone does this kinda stuff i uploaded the eeprom of my battery