View Full Version : GBA SP screen modding ?

September 4th, 2007, 19:30
Hi . I have a GBA SP , the old version with the front illuminated screen . I'm not satisfied at all with it and i was thinking ,is there anything an electronist can do to it to have more brightness ? Change those leds to more powerful ones ?
I even read somewhere on the net that underneath the battery there is a knob you can switch to give the screen acces to more of the power ,thus making it brighter .
Do you know of any of these possible ?
Just look at the difference between the old and the new GBA ,i really want to do something to make it brighter even if the battery will last less.

http://imgbolt.com/public/thumb_46dda3a0395f9927206945.jpg (http://imgbolt.com/public/pview/19541/gba-sp-goes-brighter.jpg)

September 7th, 2007, 18:00
No one has any idea ? Should i go to a gsm service ? I'm thinking they have better experience with LCD screens..

September 7th, 2007, 23:57
Get a psp, add a custom firmware, get gpsp a gameboy advance emulator and u can have the maximum brightness without the hassle of opening things up.

Or you could trade ur old sp for a backlit one (only available in graphite and pear blue i think)it will be much brighter than ur old Sp model. I only owned the original GBA with the afterburner mod because the Sp's are too uncomfortable so im not so sure if that mod would work on the old sp.