View Full Version : From Software's Armored Core Formula Front for PSP™ at US$ 22.90 only

June 30th, 2005, 02:46
Weekly special: From Software's Armored Core Formula Front for PSP™ at US$ 22.90 only - offer valid for 1 week

From Software's popoluar mechwarrior series hits PSP™, with a simulation battle game. Despite controlling your mechwarrior directly during battle, you have to customize your mech and give instructions during battle. A new AI battle feature has been aded to customize your mechs during battle using articiftial intelligance. Strategy is playing the most important role in this title.

Armored Core Formula Front supports a PSP™ to PS2™ connectivity mode when exchanging data via USB cable with the Armored Core: Formula Front PlayStation2™ version.

From Software's Armored Core Formula Front for PSP™ is now available at discounted US$ 22.90 only.

As usually, this weekly special is valid for exactly 1 week (if not sold out earlier) and this time limited to a maximum purchase of 3 units per customer. As a small restriction, please also notice that you cannot use any further discount coupons along with this special offer.

Further, good news for those who have missed last week's special. A couple of PoPoLoCrois Monogatari: Pietro Ouji no Bouken units are still left in stock and remain selling at US$ 19.90 as long as this supply lasts.


June 30th, 2005, 02:55
I have to say while the prices of both of these titles are good I'd highly recomend aganist them.

Popolo is and extremly deep rpg thats all about the story. Its not t selling well because its bad graphics and extremly unfriendly importablity.

The armored core game for psp is simply a very bad game. Horid controlls and graphics.

Watch out on deal that seem to good to be true sometimes there a reason behind why they arent selling for so high.