View Full Version : is there any reason to upgrade from 3.10 OE?

September 8th, 2007, 16:52
Im not playing any psp games cuz they arent good imo.

im using my psp to emulators like pops, SNESTYL, SCUMMVM, gpSP..

is there any reason for me to upgrade from 3.10 OE to any higher firmwares?

the only thing i miss in 3.10 OE are more screen adjustments in POPS.. otherwise im pleased with my firmware.

but i have probably missed something when ppl say like 3.40 OE is sooo old and im on 3.10 :p

September 8th, 2007, 20:00
Its all gerneral bug fixes and more stability really. Im on 3.52m33-3 and its really good - anything i throw at it it will play.oh... and the xmb loads faster (when first turning on the PSP), it loads a few seconds faster which does make alot of difference. The themes as well, most themes for the psp are made for 3.40oe or 3.52 m33.

besides that, its just the compatibility with newer psp games.

September 9th, 2007, 12:23
ok, so i wont upgrade then. i have heard that some emulators doesent run in the newest firmwares.

September 9th, 2007, 12:54
I used 3.10 for a long time.
I changed because my fav psx game works with M33 popsloader 3.40.

No need to upgrade if:

1. If your not interested in UMD Movie ISO playback.
2. If your not interested No UMD / ISO playback (M33 or native Sony ISO 9660)
3. Need popsloader 3.02 playback (M33 supports 3.10~3.52) <- Edit: Now supports them all! 3.00 ~ 3.52
4. Dont need a built in F1 formatter.
5. Dont need improved ISO playback.
6. Dont have any UMD's that require firmware greater than 3.10
7. Dont want the M33 HOME menu that gives access to
__a. CPU clock in the XMB or GAME
__b. set USB Device: to ms0:, UMD and flash0-3 in the XMB
__c. Set No UMD USB ISO mode in XMB
8. Dont want to use the latest IR_Shell
9. Dont want to change, upgrade or convert your theme.

September 9th, 2007, 16:56
thanx for the very informative answer MicroNut!!

the only fun in there was like CPU clock in the XMB or GAME..

otherwise im pleased with my firmware.
so the psx emulator hasent more screen adjustments in POPS? if it had that would be the only reason i would upgrade.