View Full Version : Emulators with Custom Animated Icons and Wallpapers [Yay!]

June 30th, 2005, 16:32
I did quite a bit of research last night into this and found some neat stuff. I managed to find some neat stuff on http://www.dual-scene.com/ and with PSP Unpacker I managed to make some very nice launchers. All the credit for these launchers go to authors on http://www.dual-scene.com/. I replaced the wallpaper on the Genesis launcher with my own creation cause I wanted to keep the same format as the NES and SNES wallpapers. Also thanks to Pochi for making such awesome Still Icons and Emulaor Backgrounds.

I just wish I could get some info on how to make these custom PMF files. Then i could make some neat stuff for all the other emulators. If anyone has any info or links to where I can find out how to do this please let me know.


Remade with SeiPSPTool to hide Corrupted Data Icons.