View Full Version : There Must be A PSP Slim Downgrader!

September 10th, 2007, 14:22
If M33 can make a CF and say that it will be released they must have tested this somehow!

I dont think they would say they have made a new M33 firmware without testing,

What do you think?

September 10th, 2007, 14:32
Well something is going on and for the first time they're not giving any information to us until its ready ( Unfortunately any information we get Sony automatically gets too.. ) I think they are approaching this the right way. But I have a feeling it has something to do with the Pandora exploit.. Anyways time will tell, I’ll be getting my PSP Slim later today.

September 10th, 2007, 14:32
If they can dump/decrypt it, and it is similar to the firmwares of the PSP 1000 then its entirely possible they have started work on the custom firmware without having a means of writing it back to the slim PSPs at this time.

I havnt heard its finished, just that its being worked on.

September 10th, 2007, 14:38
There won't be a downgrader, and if there was it would be pretty stupid since you can't use PSP Phat's firmwares unless you don't need the extra features in the Slim.

So the CFW idea is better, you don't need a downgrader for it (if it's real).

September 10th, 2007, 14:48
When in the context of the PSP slim, people seem to use the term downgrader to mean an exploit that would allow writing to the internal flash to install a custom firmware it seems.

Its the same concept as a downgrader except for what it being written so I guess its no big deal, they don't seem to mind the fact there's no prior firmware to go 'down' to. :)

September 10th, 2007, 15:26
yeah i dont see how a downgrader would even be possible without there being a lower firmware. i think we'll go straight to cf.

September 10th, 2007, 15:33
I just wonder how exactly, hopefully it's an exploit directly in 3.60, if it's a Pandora thing, I dunno how I'll manage.

September 10th, 2007, 15:50
They must have a downgrader mabe they've refined the pandora battery.

September 10th, 2007, 16:31
im prepared to need pandora. i have my brother in laws psp on 3.03 OE-C so and an extra battery and memory stick.