View Full Version : Wipeout disk swap Multiplayer HACKED

Stu & Clark
July 1st, 2005, 18:29
We have read on other forums that wipeout can not be played with the disk swap multiplayer techinique,we have worked on this and have came up with these simple steps to hack this:

Step 1:Start up one psp with the wipeout UMD in it.
Step 2:Turn all music off in the options menu then turn the music volume down. (Because the music has to be loaded off the UMD disc)
Step 3:Create Multiplayer game as you normaly would.
Step 4:Eject UMD and insert into the second PSP where it should load.
Step 5:Freind will load game and turn off music like step 2,then join your game.
Step 6:Take UMD to your PSP and confirm the game and it should synchronise and eventually load to the arena.
Step 7:Once ur game has loaded wait till it goes to say "GO!" and eject the UMD and dont select no yet.
Step 8:Give UMD to second PSP and let him load and do the same and then you slect no and so do they and hey presto!. Multyplayer with 1 UMD wipeout!,enjoy.