View Full Version : About those video-out cables for the PSP slim...

September 18th, 2007, 19:28
I'm just posting this as a heads up for those of you who have your psp slims.

I went to target the other night because I heard that the video cables were in stock there, and sure enough when I got there, there were the PSP Composite Video out cables for the PSP slim:

I took them back to my pad and plugged them in and they look fantastic actually, the picture on the TV (which was an LCD tv) looked great, pictures, video, but--

You scroll over to the game option and launch a game and you get an error message that tells you that only the COMPONENT cables allow you to play games while using video output.

So I look back on the package again, and to my dismay and embarrassment, it says on the back in the tiniest damn print I have ever seen, 'does not support the video out put of game images or playing games'.

So be WARY when you're looking for the video out cables, DON'T buy the composite cables, it's just a waste of money (since you can't use it to play games, what's the point?).

The component cables aren't out in the US yet, I took the composite cables back and got a refund and ordered the component cables on Amazon.com.

The component cables are the HD cables, don't get them confused with the composite ones and don't buy them either.

I'm kinda wondering if anyone else had this same bad experience. Why make video-output cables that don't work with the games?

I'm theorizing that having HD cables allows you to upscale and improve the picture, so you don't realize how bad the graphics look on a much larger screen. That's my take on it anyway. Any thoughts?

September 18th, 2007, 20:54
that sucks... I dont have an HDTV yet.....
It shouldn't be that hard to hack that so it does work.
just a simple RAM patch is all that is needed.
Thanks for the info though.

September 18th, 2007, 23:02
Well explained!

I dont have a PSP Slim yet but i was going to get one in the next few weeks!

Thanks for the heads up :thumbup:

September 19th, 2007, 03:33
Wow....another nail in the back by Sony.

I see this happening in the future to many people.

Thanks for clearing this out, I just got my Slim model in the mail today and I almost would've gone and made the same mistake this weekend if it weren't for you, man.

Off-topic....Has anyone managed to get wire-less homebrew multiplayer play between a PSP Slim and the older "Phat" Model yet?
I'm going to try and get CPS2 Marvel Vs. Capcom to work on both at the same time, for the first time...but I was wondering if someone had already done it?

September 23rd, 2007, 12:09
Yeah, I was fooling around with my phat and slim snes9xtyl multiplayer and I managed to get my psp slim doing tv out while psp phat was doing multiplayer with it at the same time :). Very cool indeed. Another little trick is using multiplayer with phat set it as controller 1 for snes and use it as a wireless slim controller in netplay by doing a single player game multiplayer, of course using tv out.