View Full Version : EU Super Paper Mario problem unfolds

Basil Zero
September 19th, 2007, 20:04
Some European gamers may experience an error where the game freezes; Nintendo set to offer replacement discs.

Nintendo Europe has announced that some European owners of Super Paper Mario, recently released in the region for the Wii, may experience a gameplay glitch that causes the game to freeze. The company has issued a statement on its Web site detailing the issue, which it says "is so specific" that some gamers "may not experience any issues at all." Only UK English, German, and Spanish games are affected.

According to the statement from Nintendo, the potential problem arises at the beginning of Chapter 2-2 after the player comes across a character called Mimi. A key is required to open a door in a room on the first floor, and if the player simply picks up the key and opens the door to Mimi's right, the game should run smoothly. However, Nintendo says, "if you talk to Mimi without picking up the key, the game will freeze. You will then have to turn off your Wii console and start again from your last save point."

The company apologised and stated that no damage will be done to the Wii console or the game if it freezes, but it will be setting up a replacement procedure for anyone whose disc does have the issue. Details will be posted on the Nintendo Europe Web site "shortly."


September 19th, 2007, 20:06
This is why the wii needs online updates.