View Full Version : How to change Moonshell Skins (Supercard)

September 23rd, 2007, 08:30
I could not find any Tutorials on this site... so I will put one up!

Also, this guide works for DsOne, as well.

This guide is assuming you already have Moonshell on your Supercard... but you just want to change the skin.

Okay, let's lay down some info first.
1. You need Moonshell... if you don't know what that is... Google it.

2. You need a FlashCart (This should be one... but you probably already know that...)

3: Do what I say... as I say it... you should be ok.

Alright, let's do it!

1. Open up the Internet and find a skin you like, just Google "Moonshell Skins" You should find something you like.

2. Download it (Usually in ZIP format) to your PC

3. Unzip it

4. Now open up the drive to your SD Card (Or whatever Card you're using) [SD Cards are the one you put IN the SuperCard]

5. Open the folder (On your SD Card) named "scshell"

6. Drag the files from the skins folder you unzipped to the "scshell" folder on you SD Card.

7. Boot up Moonshell.

8. Ta-daaa!!!~~~

I know many people know how to do this... but many don't as well.

Any questions?