View Full Version : i need help with my friends 2.82 psp

September 25th, 2007, 07:07
ok my friend wants to be able to play snes emulators and isos, wait forget i said isos i ment homebrew, anyway since i am on 3.71 M33 i am not up to date on all the methods of making a psp homebrew enabled, so any link/turorials on how i could help my friend out would be appreciated

September 25th, 2007, 12:10
your friend needs or have an unpatched GTA:LCS (with the 2.0 update) or the unpatched lumines. for GTA you need this link http://www.noobz.eu/joomla/news/v3.03-downgrader.html
for lumines you need this link http://www.noobz.eu/joomla/news/upgrader/downgrader-for-v3.11-psps.html
or this http://www.noobz.eu/joomla/news/downgrader-for-psp-v3.50-firmware.html