View Full Version : 3.52 m33 Emulation help

September 26th, 2007, 07:02
Im tryin to run a couple SNES games (and before you ask, i do own them) on my psp's memory stick.
Im using firmware 3.52 m33 - can someone explain to me how i got about starting this?
I read a bunch of guides, and tried them - but they havent been working, do i NEED Kxploit?
This stuff confuses me,
Please help,

September 26th, 2007, 08:37
use snestyl

place a the single game eboot in game352 make a folder in there name roms & place the roms in it

looks like x:\psp\game352\snestyl\roms

change the kernal to 3.52 in recovery

place the kxploits in game or game150 make a folder named roms & place em in there

looks like x:\psp\game150\snestyl\roms or

&! x:\psp\game\snestyl% or x:\psp\game150\snestyl%

change the kernal to 1.50 in recovery

system16 & superFX games run like $hit