View Full Version : 3D Hardware Acceleration for 360 Homebrew programmers!

September 26th, 2007, 20:28

xenKit brings graphic hardware acceleration to 360 homebrewers!

First and third part are not my work...
(tmbinc already did the hard work & kindly accepted my help to publish it)

3 parts :

1) A complete fullscreen 3D demo source for Linux : coming soon
(No ETA, tmbinc is cleaning up code -something to transfert from fw to gpu-)
But here is a preview (99% of whole source, mixed with Demo 04 port) :
(2 files are still missing, but you can start learning from it)

2) X11 addon files for windowed mode : coming very soon
(prevents flickering by keeping an empty X11 window under Xenos overlay)
(also brings instantly keyboard and mouse easy management under X11)
<link here very soon>

3) Tser's XNA based 360 native shader compiler source (Thanks a lot, Tser!)

Technical details :
- Standard C language
- Low level API's (it's quite the same programming style I've used in pbkit)
- Can run under Gentoo Live Beta 2, Debian and probably other Linux distros
- No hard disk necessary (since Gentoo Live Beta 2 doesn't need one)
- Pure standard X11 calls in order to create a standard window (in Part 2)
- 3D rendering via Xenos chipset, in frame buffer (Part 2: in window surface)
- Full screen rendering in Part 1 (desktop display causes flickering => Part 2)
- Possibly slowed down, for now, until we adjust kernel (Gentoo Live Beta 3?)
- Customizable pixel and vertex shaders (via a "xn/a for windows" program)
- For now, requires to set root password ("sudo passwd") and login as root

I wanted to post this piece of info very fast because fall update is coming...
Current situation is that with firmwares not higher than 5766, thanks to the successful time attack, a very large number of 360 users, technically, will be allowed to climb up into the 360 homebrew bandwagon. But... The fall update can once again cut many 360 users from homebrew for years...

So it was important to reveal progress made in the 360 homebrew scene before you decide to upgrade or not your console with the coming update...

Researches will be done too for the sound chipset (similar to SiS966).

If you don't like X11 and you don't have any desktop that would cause screen
to flicker (Xenos drawing and desktop drawing at same time), part 1 is ok.

Otherwise, especially if you are using Gentoo LiveCD Beta 2, part 2 is needed.
You can perfectly enlarge the window size in code to cover all screen, all that
matters is that you avoid screen flickering by having Xenos and Desktop or
other windows draw at the same location.

Stay tuned!
Glad to see that 3D HAL + shaders are now possible with homebrew for 360.

It's things like this that make emulators possible for poorly/un-documented systems. I know current hardware can't emulate 360, but I guess it's time to finally think outside of the box now ain't it? :thumbup:

October 27th, 2007, 18:10
so there is 360 homebrew? cause every where else i read its a resounding "NO!" lol