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September 27th, 2007, 17:00
NDS Lite + Flashme v8a (Noautoboot)
M3 DS Simply
1Gb Apacer

I have a problem with DSOrganise launching Homebrew.

I've installed the custom exec_stub.bin for the M3 DS Simlpy yet when I use the browser to launch any homebrew (NOT gameroms) it seems to go through the motions of starting then it locks up

Example Homebrews are:- Lemmingsds,DSDoom,Readmore Alpha,Moonshell

I have set up my homebrew directory as '/Homebrew/' in DSOrganise - which each of the *.NDS files for the above are stored - & the only 'launch' option that seems to work is 'Mightymax'

So what am I doing wrong ??

These homebrews work fine through M3's 'Game' file browser so why not DSOrganise

Thanks in advance

September 27th, 2007, 17:24
do you have MightyMax set as the default loader in DSO Settings?

September 27th, 2007, 19:22
As stated in my first post - Yes I do have 'Mightymax' selected in DSorganise 'Boot method'

I have tried all the options (Mightymax / Chism / DSOrganise) but the only one that seems to be doing anything is the MightyMax one

When starting a program (like the ones I've already mentioned) I get on the top screen a load of text (for eg shown below, this is when trying to launch DSDoom - I had to video it & pause frame-by-frame to see what it stated, note that the numbers MAY be wrong, as the picture quality isn't great when paused, but it'll give an idea)

Intializing FAT
Interface R4 or M3Simply
Please Wait, Booting your file

Normal File
1: 200 2400000
2: 2000000 98050
3: 98400 37F8000
4: 37F8000 6744
-> 93858
-> 8744

Then, depending on the program, get the following happening

DSDOOM.NDS - On bottom screen I get 'Console mode ON (FG buffer is 0)' & the NDS freezes

DSLemmings_DLDI.NDS - Game starts but after the initial 'Now Loading Levels' message fades out - NDS freezes

Moonshell.nds (v1.71) - Moonshell starts to boot up but then NDS freezes when the moonshell boot message 'Initialize random seed' shows

ReadMore.NDS - doesn't even go pass the 'Please wait, booting your file' message from DSOrganise startup

I've read that programs need to by 'DLDI patched' to work with different flashcards - but since these programs work through the M3's 'Games' browser I'm guessing it's the DSO's startup that's causing the problem

& on the subject of Homebrew - what is the Homebrew database thingy supposed to be about ?? - & how do I get it as it seems that the only way is the download it but I dont have a wireless network, has this got something to do with launching homebrew ??

September 27th, 2007, 19:30
you might have a corrupt MicroSD card...

September 27th, 2007, 20:55
OK - so I've copied the files off

- Reformatted the Apacer card to FAT (not FAT32, as I believe some homebrew don't like it) - Still no good

- I've 'patched' each of the programs with DLDI & the R4 / M3 Simply DLDI - tried again, still no good

- Moved the programs out of the 'Homebrew' folder so that they are in the root directory & tried again - Still no good

- Even tried another (sandisk 1Gb) memory card - & guess what - still no good

I'm guessing it's DSOrganiser & it's corresponding exec_stub file that's at fault. :(

I am totally stumped what to do next :confused:

Here's an update [28/09/07]- I've found out there's a problem with DSOrganise 3.0/3.01 & M3DS Simply

Since TeenDev suggested 'corrupt memory card' I thought I'll wipe out DSOrganise (v3.01) & reinstall just in case there's a corrupt file or something (& I reinstall the Exec_stub file as well) - Didn't work !

I then tried an earlier version to see if it still happens - & I started from version 2.61 since this was the first avaliable for R4/M3 DS Simply slot-1 cards - Guess what (most) Homebrew launches OK (the exception was 'ReadMore Alpha' but seeing this is 'in development' I can live with that)

I then tried V2.7_Final - That worked also, tried latest 3.01 again - nope !! no luck

So it looks like there's a problem with V3.01.

According to the DSO Wiki I should try the latest 'chism bootloader'.
Am I right in thinking this is the DLDI file & we 'patch' DSO with it, cos if so I've already tried & it doesn't work.

Since I'm not going to be using Web broswer or IRC etc (No wireless network at home), & there's no way (I've found) to 'hide' them from the touch screen - I'm sticking with V2.61