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September 28th, 2007, 20:53
I'm new to the PSP emulation scene, and I've been looking around for some tutorials on how to get emulators to work on it. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have a guide for my firmware type, and even if I can find the right number, it's always suffixed to an OE or SE or something else along those lines.

I charged my battery, turned on my PSP, formatted the memory card, reset the settings to default and checked the firmware type; it said Firmware Version 3.71. Is that the OE version, or do I need to start downgrading before I can get a version that supports emulation?

September 28th, 2007, 21:23
first no rom talk and no 3.71 is not oe. oe is a custom firmware that u need to downgrade to 1.5 to upgrade to. the new official sony firmwares are never going to run homebrew so thats why you need to downgrade to 1.5. right now the only way to downgrade 3.71 is to use a pandora battery but you need to be on a custom firmware to make one.

September 28th, 2007, 21:52
Hm, I take it 3.71 is fairly new then?

I remember seeing that phrase "pandora battery" come up a lot during my searches. I know of someone with custom firmware, but I highly doubt they'll help me make a pandora battery. I can still try, though.

Is someone working on an alternative way to turn 3.71 into 1.50, or should I just start working on that "pandora battery" thing?

September 28th, 2007, 22:01
As far as I know, pandora is your only option. If they have custom firmware get them to turn your battery (if it's a fat) into a pandora battery.