View Full Version : Having problems adding icons to PSX games

September 30th, 2007, 00:58
I've been making some different EBOOTs.

Getting some off of some cds and making others because they're multi disc and I'm making sure they're they have the same ID number.

I've been following a fairly good how-to on how to add icons for booting the game, so I can actually see what I'm playing.

Problem is that it I seem to be doing something wrong. Or something is screwing up.

Some of the games work, but some of the other games just don't.

The games comes up on the memory card with the new icon, but when I try and boot it, it says the data is corrupted and won't load.

The thing that bugs me is that there seems to be *NO* rhyme or reason to it.

Some games simply work, some games simply don't work. At first, I thought it was single disc games giving the problems. Then three different multi disc games *all* failed.

Then I thought it was games I was making from my own cds. I made four of them - but then two worked with Popstation and two didn't.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

September 30th, 2007, 04:28
maybe you ripped it wrong? did you try doing it again?

October 3rd, 2007, 04:39
I get the same problem but only with Final Fantasy IV