View Full Version : Ergh, stupid L button.

w00tman X
October 1st, 2007, 09:03

I bought an NDS lite recently, and while better than the DS Phat... The shoulder buttons seem to be even weaker. After 3 months of usage, the L button has simply stopped working. I haven't even played MP:H on it.

Also, I bought it while on holiday in America... And I live in Australia, which means my warranty is pretty much invalid (as far as I know).

So, what do I do? Is there any way I can repair it myself?

wiggy fuzz
October 1st, 2007, 20:20
does it fail to "click"? or does it not return to it's original position: i doubt your l button is actually broke, there just might be some dust or sand grains jammed underneath the buttons


you could take a look at this case replacement guide and see if anything interesting shows up, or you could move to america :D

btw, why would your warrenty be void?

October 9th, 2007, 18:47
Yeah, i got the same thing from too much tetris.

January 6th, 2008, 18:21
i have the same thing - my nds lite's L button is bust. you press it, nothing happens. sometimes you press it REALLY hard it works. leave it a while without pressing it and then it will work again (ie leave for a week, then you'll be able to use it for a week before you start having trouble again).
this is the only solution i can find, i'd like a better one but it'll do until someone who knows what the problem is tells us.
i think its got something to do with the membrane (duh)