View Full Version : Help me dear lord, I'm a total *newbie* in this PSP scene.

October 11th, 2007, 21:40
I've got a nice new silver PSP with 1.50 firmware on it. I've got my cards. I've got some games. I've been trying to read up all the different guides on the net regarding firmware updating, compressing ISOs etc, but many of them are either out of date, or are explained at a level that's still above someone like me, or use obscure references such as "adhoc", or all three!

I'm SO not used to all of this - it seems a hundred times more complicated than running homebrew on the DS! That scene has it easy, man.

So yes. I need the most up-to-date dummy compatible guides you got. Is everyone recommending 3.71 M33? What's the seperate 1.50 kernel for it for? Best ISO-compressing tool? Seriously, you can tell already how much I know about doing PSP homebrew and doing it correctly. Nada.

All help appreciated. Cheers!