View Full Version : Not so much a problem as a question about textures...

November 7th, 2007, 20:08
Hello- first post here, looking for help or a link to some tools that will help me with a game mod.

First off, let me say that this isn't a mod for a Dreamcast game; rather, I'm trying to rip the textures out of a Dreamcast game to assist in a wrestling game mod that I've been working on since July.

The game in question: Spawn- In the Demon's Hand.

The problem: the texture files for the models are in .tex format, whatever that is. I've tried every program I have (and downloaded a few more) in the hopes of using the in-game textures to make new textures for some of the wrestlers in my mod. (For those curious, you can preview my work at http://supachupa.home.insightbb.com - I'm getting along fairly well with it.)

Basically I'm converting a wrestling game to a superhero wrestling game, and thus far I've been using skins from various games (mostly Freedom Force for the PC) to make the new skins. The problem is, for whatever reason, there really aren't many Spawn character textures out there. SIDH had some great texture work, and I was just wondering if anyone would have any idea whatsoever about how I might convert the textures to a more mainstream format (.bmp would be awesome) so I can use them. I'd also like to bust out some SoulCalibur textures, but one problem at a time, heh.

Thanks in advance for any assistance rendered, it's much appreciated.