View Full Version : ExcruciationX is getting a Dreamcast!

November 12th, 2007, 21:00
I'm seriously thinking about getting a Dreamcast, exclusively for homebrew purposes.

What do I need to know to get homebrew running (what exactly do I put on a CD, the most up-to-date homebrew, and what shell to use)?

Dull Blade
November 12th, 2007, 21:26
DC homebew is different from its PSP counter parts, you put what ever the homebrew you want on the CD. there are no Shells or frimware you have to worry about, all you do is download the files use bootdreams to make a cd image. then you pop it in the DC and it boots up just like a commercial game. If your cheap and want to make a homebrew disk that has tones of app/emus on it so you can save on those costly cds, you can use a program call Selfboot introducer (but I wont go into that). Thats basically it in a nut shell, I'd write some sort of tutorial on how to do, but there are tones of ones that are better than what I could write. Id check out www.dcemulation.com, www.dcevolution.net or www.DChelp.net for further instructon, as DC homebrew activity is at a low on this forum.

I wouldnt be detered from it, once you read a good tutorial, its super easy and pretty fun. Besides what could you lose, you can pick up a DC for 20$ and a pack of CDs for like 15$ and you got 50 disks of instant fun.

November 12th, 2007, 21:36
Cool, thanks Dull Blade.

November 12th, 2007, 22:28
Yeah, I haven't used my DC in a while but if you need help just hit me up on MSN. Be sure to read up and try to teach yourself everything you can before you ask for help! Its a bit harder than the PSP but once you get the hang of it your good. Oh yeah and get some extra cheapo CDs and do all your testing/experimenting on those because when I first started I went through probably a dozen CDs before I got something to load right. ;)

November 12th, 2007, 23:00
Finally you're getting a great console! :)

November 13th, 2007, 05:38
It looks good, and I'm bored with homebrew at the moment.

November 16th, 2007, 16:46
Sorry for the double post...

I've found one for 20.00$ total.

When making a disk image, should I add a dummy file?