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November 16th, 2007, 11:40
via IGN (http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/835/835794p1.html)

A small retail fiasco has unfolded this morning with the revelation that major games retail chain, EB Games, has started selling the highly anticipated Mass Effect a week ahead of the official street date, November 22.

We sought Microsoft Australia for comment. They replied with the following:

""The stock slipped through our logistics provider early by mistake. The official release date remains November 22nd, we are working with our retail partners around this."

We actually ventured out to our local EB Games and came away with a copy of the game and some inside knowledge. We read the email instructions dated November 15 at roughly 3:30pm. To paraphrase, the email began with "Good news!" and stated that stock had just been received and was currently being distributed to branches Australia wide for a noon-time delivery. It also finished with instructions to "sell immediately" and call all preorder customers and notify them.


The Australian Mass Effect retail box we bought.
We've also sought comment from EB Games Australia and are currently awaiting a call back.

Update: We just spoke to a senior member of the EB Games Australia head office team. He confirmed that there was no embargo issued on the game, unlike Halo 3 or the upcoming release of Assassins Creed. He also stated that it was EB Games' policy to adhere to any requested street date release provided and, since there was none for Mass Effect, the decision was made to sell it.

The official EB Games Australia website currently displays an image promoting the early release of the game. It is not currently known what impact this will have on the sales reactions of other retail chains; however a JB Hi-Fi games manager indicated to us that they were adhering to the original release date.

We'll provide updates as information presents itself. The current review embargo for websites still stands at November 20. Look for our review around that date.

November 16th, 2007, 16:15
I thought once one shop breaks street date all shops can too keep up with sales.....