View Full Version : Release: Alternative VSH Menu v2.0

November 20th, 2007, 17:50
Homebrew developer Red_Squirrel has released version 2.0 of his plugin for M33 Alternative VSHMenu v2.0. Although I have never heard of this before I downloaded this and it is one awesome plugin.

Here is the feature and changelog for v2.0:

-Same functions of M33 VshMenų
-Possibility to change the background color
-Possibility to activate or disactivate M33 VshMenų
-Possibility to power off, reboot and sleep the console
-Plugin will stop PSP to avoid conflict with pad
-Improved the management of the colors
-Disposition of the commands on the screen is changed
-Possibility to make screenshot of the dashboard
-Possibility to activate/disactivate the function of screenshot
-Possibility to choose the key to start the plugin!
-Possibility to choose the key to make the screenshot
-Now options will be saved, so changes will be maintained also on the reboot of the console!
-If the file or th folder of options are not found, they will automatically be created to avoid crash of the system.

Install this like any one VSH plugin and activate though the Recovery Menu. Use the HOME key to activate it (by default).

Here is a screenshot: http://i19.servimg.com/u/f19/11/30/42/39/screen11.jpg

Although I have never heard of the developer or this plugin, this looks, and is, very promising.

Note: This is only for 3.71 M33 Custom Firmwares by Dark_AleX only! This will NOT work on any other firmware and might cause a brick.

Download here