View Full Version : Mass Effect Limited Edition Bundle [Guide + Artbook]

November 24th, 2007, 10:30
New from Play Asia:


Platform: X-Box 360
Pages: 160
Two Books: a $40 value - The Collector's Edition will include the FULL Mass Effect strategy guide PLUS the 192 page exclusive Mass Effect Art Book.
Concept Art and Commentary - Prima's Mass Effect Art Book will include commentary from the developers at BioWare on the evolution of Mass Effect's elements, from ships to aliens to locations.
High-Quality Collector's Box - The books will be packaged in an exclusive slipcover of durable card stock, printed on all sides with art from the game's development.
Clean Box Art - Prima's one sheet for the box will fall away when the shrinkwrap is removed, leaving pristine art, unmarred by logos, barcodes, or taglines.