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November 27th, 2007, 10:29
okay, so my other psp, the black one, i updated from 3.52M33 for 3.52M33-4 but in the middle of the update i got an error/

now everytime i boot up the psp i get the "ps3 news are stealers and im not gonne blah blah blah" message.

i cant get to the recovery menu.

please help.

November 27th, 2007, 20:13
You have most probably got the M33updater that was hacked PS3 News. If you have pandoras battery, use it to installl official version 1.50 and then take it from there. If you happen to have Despertar del Cementerio V3 for pandoras battery, you could just install 3.71 M33-2.

November 27th, 2007, 21:23

could anyone link me to a detailed guide on how to make a pandora? and a magic mem card.

okay, so heres how it is.

everytime i boot the psp, i get a "the files trying to be written were corrupted, you most probably downloaded the corrupted files from ps3 news, to recover your system put a recovery eboot in PSP/GAME/PS3_NEWS_ARE_STEALERS_AND_I_AM_NOT_GONNA_VISIT_THE M/EBOOT.PBP
oh, abd when the message comes out, it also enables the usb(so i can access the mem stick)
and i can also run any recovery/eboot/proggy as long as i put it in the PS3_NEWS_ARE_STEALERS_AND_I_AM_NOT_GONNA_VISIT_THE M folder within the GAME folder and press x at the error message to run it.
but i dont know what eboot to use.
(i was upgrading from 3.52M33 to 3.52M33-4.

anyone help on what eboot to use? i dont think i need pandora. because that message still comes out and the screen isnt totally black.

November 28th, 2007, 00:14
Judging from this 3.52m33 readme in the update 4 folder, "Anyways in this update we check if decrypted data is wrong and in that case we write a recovery
warning the user what happened. It will activate usb, and it will allow you to execute a recovery
eboot.pbp... in a curious path ("ms0:/PSP/GAME/PS3NEWS_ARE_STEALERS_I_AM_NOT_GONNA_VISIT_THEM/EBOOT.PBP")
which is not at sight of an hex editor ;)"

It appears you require the recovery eboot that you would normally run from recovery

I have heard but dont quote me that the eboot from 3.40oe recovery works but could we have some validation of this first, I used a 3.71 recovery file to go back to 1.50 from 3.71m33 but again not sure about 3.52m33.

November 28th, 2007, 09:09
can anyone link me to the recovery files? or attatch them for me?