View Full Version : PSP PES confirmed

July 20th, 2005, 23:43
After all the speculation, supposition and assumption, Konami has finally confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and the Japanese version, Winning Eleven 9, are definitely being developed for PSP.

They also revealed that the pocket version of the finest football simulation ever conceived wouldn't be released until after the console version of the game is on the shelves.

Which is fine for those chaps in Japan who will only have to wait till September to play Winning Eleven 9 but we in the west will have to wait until after PES 5 appears on PS2 in October.

Given that the Konami dream team will be at the Leipzig Games Convention next month, we expect to hear far more about this thrilling game from Seabass himself, particularly on the still unconfirmed WiFi option.

Pro Evolution Soccer will kick off on PSP later this year

July 21st, 2005, 14:50
WE9/PES5 has the potential to corner the football genre market on the PSP after the disappointing turnout of FIFA. World Tour was fairly good for what it was, but will have to be considerably better next year if it is to challenge WE/PES.

Apparently the new white coloured PSP (ceramic white) is being launched on the 15th of September to go alongside the WE9 PSP release, so if that's true then Sony must have high hopes for WE9.