View Full Version : sean o'connor's windows games

wiggy fuzz
December 1st, 2007, 08:33

i remmeber my first computer (windows 95) and i played these games - Rats!, mother of all battles and critical mass - and i've always wanted to get that same experience on a handheld...

after playing advance wars it made me wonder how actually possible it could be, the games wern't very intensive (they could practically run in dos...) and they were a hell of a lot of fun when i played them

mother of all battles was like advance wars in many ways, rats! was basically a "kill em all before they overrun the maze" game. on that site you can onyl get the demo's but i would be so happy if the demo's were made available for the ds :thumbup:

i can't program, but i just thought of it as an idea... in fact, i'm checking to see if this works on windows mobile pda's :cool: