View Full Version : PSPRadio running on 3.51???

December 2nd, 2007, 02:00
I was trying to get pspradio to work, so i reset it too factory defaults and it started to work. But then i tryed to run some other homebrew and it didnt work, so i stared it up in recovery mode (my psp has 3.51 m33-7) and homebrew was set to run in the 3.51 kernal. So i set it too run in 1.5 kernal (then evrything started to work again :) ). But i came to thinking pspradio was running in the 3.51 kernal... I'm no expert but i don't think much (if any) homebrew works in 3.51..... Just an idea....

Person just wondering about an idea.

HUH??? Why did it make 2 threds??? Sorry about that....