View Full Version : PSPRadio running on 3.51???

December 2nd, 2007, 02:01
I was trying to get pspradio to work, so i reset it too factory defaults and it started to work. But then i tryed to run some other homebrew and it didnt work, so i stared it up in recovery mode (my psp has 3.51 m33-7) and homebrew was set to run in the 3.51 kernal. So i set it too run in 1.5 kernal (then evrything started to work again :) ). But i came to thinking pspradio was running in the 3.51 kernal... I'm no expert but i don't think much (if any) homebrew works in 3.51..... Just an idea....

Person just wondering about an idea.

HUH??? Why did it make 2 threds??? Sorry about that....

December 3rd, 2007, 01:47
ok this is what you need to know.

1.) PSP's with Offical Sony Firmwares will NOT RUN any homebrew UNDER ANY CONDITIONS!!!

2.) PSPRadio works in many folders, and is acctually recomended for use with the 3.51 Kernal, and not the 1.50 Kernal, so that is why it is recomended to put PSPRadio in the PSP\GAME351 folder.

3.) My own homebrew games don't work with any other kernal other then the 1.50 Kernal, for i have set up my own PSP that way. Its a good idea now to figure out which kernal you want to run. It sets up how your PSP functions.

These rules are set in stone; cyberstone of course!